Intensive Individual Program

  • Sometimes the logistics of in-patient or residential treatment seem inconvenient.
  • Sometimes the level of care criteria has not been met, but yet some significant structure needs to be in place.
  • Sometimes the client realistically thinks he/she does not need treatment at the residential or in-patient level, an intensive individual program can re-enforce the difficulties of not being in residential or inpatient. Which can lead a client to make a choice of a higher level of care.

  • Random drug screens for 10 substances
  • Random alcohol breathalizer
  • Mandatory minimum of 90 meetings in 90 days (providing contracted transportation if needed)

  • Mandatory communication with other therapist and ensuring appointments are being attended by either providing transportation or contacting the therapist.
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Relapse prevention planning and ensuring exposure to recovery community agendas and events

Recovering Ways


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